cant close my DM

hi, yesterday i was yoyoing with my DM and then when i stop i opened my DM and i just spin the bearing and when i was twisting it to close, it wont close i keep on twisting and twisting but still loose
i havnt put a loctite yet

You’ve probably overtightened in the past and stripped the threads. Talk to Icthus or Kyo about what you would need to do, and perhaps get some pictures of the insides of the yoyo.

That sure is what it sounds like.
Shoot Icthus a PM, or even RiceRocket might be able to help you.
Good Luck!

who is isthus or ricerocket how can i PM them?;u=1193
This is a link to Icthus’s profile.
Go to the very bottom and there will be an option to “Send this member a personal message”.
CLick that and type in what your problem is