Candy Rain???

I got stuck on the first part ;D Where you do the magic drop kinda thing. When I do it, I end up with many strings around my hands, yet when I look at the tuts, they somehow only have a few strings…

Be sure that the string is rejecting of the yo-yo.

If it is, then you do end with with a fair amount of strings for step one! You drop them after.
This helped me:

Hope this helps!

I don’t think I really understand the move. I know you go in trapeze, swing it over your left hand, but then I have two strings on top of my hands instead of one…


i like candy and rain
yeah the video should help

You really want to have a solid magic drop. Practice your magic drop until its down solid. Make sure that the string rejects well.

When you do the magic drop there, it really helps to have your left hand lower than your right hand, and make your right hand’s palm face up. So your right hand is higher than your left hand, and your right hand palm is facing up (with the L shape still there).

This makes the magic drop easier to get all the way around both hands, and to make it reject. Make sure both of your hands are completely stationary while you anticipate the string rejection. Twisting your right hand when its about to magic drop was my problem.

Sounds to me like your not doing magic drop, it swings under your throw hand then over it and over non throw hand

I had trouble on this part too. Get a nice sold magic drop and instead of aotumatically swinging around your Non throw hand right after the swing you land in a normal magic drop mount on the back, you’ll see the string reject of you get it right. After you get that then just move the yoyo over your non throw hand and continue. Once you can do that 100% of the time try swinging it over your non throw hand right away.

your magic drop has to be perfect or near to it.
then try these few tips. after the yoyo swings to the right (as your doing the magic drop) keep your right hand still and lower your left hand.