Candy blasting trials...Hugely satisfied almost giddy!!

Been working on some candy blasting here and there. Results are far from finalized but the ground work is being laid.

Pics are a no go from my phone these days so I will put them up tonight.

I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited

Bob. I am. Just gonna die.
You do so much work on finishes.
And I’m just so pumped for this!
I wonder what other techniques you’re keeping from us!!!

Maybe sea salt blasting?
Using flour?
Finally anno?
Nickel plating?

(oh geez, I dunno about this, but imma put it out there. Titanium plating?)

Time is my enemy bro. I have a list of items and tricks I want to try but just can’t get to them.

The candy blast is still very much in its infancy in my shop but looks promising.

Time may be the enemy, but challenging your enemy is what causes you to reach your goals.
Am I right?

And infants. The more time given to them, the greater the promise. Like Pierce Bouley. He’s gonna grow up and take worlds at age 10. Just watch :wink:

What media is used in candy blasting?

crunched up peppermints or that’s what it should IMO.

Sugar :slight_smile:

Here are two pics of a test run of a “candy” blast. Gap only on one half of the raw DTI Beast.

Not much to look at but copious amounts of info gained.
IMG_20130728_130444_310 by mullicabob, on Flickr
IMG_20130728_130354_518 by mullicabob, on Flickr

I really like, how it looks so so shiny, yet has a texture on it.
It seems no other blasts look like that.
This could be something lovely!

Bob if you did Nickel plating I would go broke sending all my money to you.

we’ll be broke. i would easily send a couple his way for nickle plating

YYF MVP “Msweets” blasted…
You may ask what the hay is Msweets? That’s gonna be the name of my own personally formulated blast media and finishing process. Think I have something that I feel very good about here. The texture is nearly identical to a very popular yoyo manufacturer whom I’ve been trying to mimic with this blast. Scary close to it, scary! How will it look with the ano? Yet to be seen.

First pic is of the new blast and second pic is after the finishing process.
IMG_20130922_153853_152 by mullicabob, on Flickr
IMG_20130922_160432_931 by mullicabob, on Flickr


Do these look so pretty…

Tell me. When they’re raw, hows the texture feel? how do they hold up to scratches with no anno (Compared to a regular blast?)

I literally just got this thing finished. Almost scrapped the project when a light bulb went off. Well after I did a few things I grabbed my Noctu and did a side by side comparison and the look on my face was just like the Grinch. Slightly evil.

How it holds up without ano I can’t tell you but I would assume it will be just like the rest of them. I will of course need to have this ano’d and then the real games can begin.

That looks amazing!!! Just curious. What were to happen if you mixed multiple blasting medias together…?

Looks great!

I like candy…

Looks amazing, if you start doing this, my wallet will go hungry.