Candy Apple Mountains


Latest Paint Job…

Candy Apple Red Metalflake with Silver Mountain on a FG Peak.




i wish i had a peak that amazing, drools





gools :smiley:


dooood that one is GORGEOUS Bret! I can see this turning into a lil side gig for you. Wanna paint my P2? Heeeee

(Mitch) #7

Thats pretty cool…

(Zer0) #8

aint that a beaut



(Infinite Chaos) #10

Is that guitar paint or something? Looks AMAZING. Totally love it. :smiley:


Well we had a paint misfortune on the mountain side and it had to be stripped. Problem was I used all the red so I had to go with a different color, I had cream, black, and a bland pink left so ummmm we went with black.


Albert Einstein was a genius of science, Brett was a genius of yo-yoing and here is his equation.

Y=Awesome yoyo stuff, (anything related)
VAC2=Very amazed Cameron (Meant to be a squared sign)


Yes, I know what your asking yourself, that is how cool I am yes!

LOL! Keep up the good work!!!


i like the red black alot more

(Infinite Chaos) #14

Loved the silver peak on the first one though. Maybe try adding that onto the black side?


cups :smiley:

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #16

dude thats pretty sick!!! Love the paint job!


You should still make the Mountain sketch on one of the sides. It feels empty without it.