can you yoyo with 1 response pad?


Can I yoyo with only 1 response pad in my supernova? (1a) I use it pretty heavily…


Yes it an be done, you do run into heavier yoyos, like the Supernova. Some times one pad does not give enough grip. Also the width of the pad face, the part that come in contact with the string, can play I to it. A thin pad face can also cause slipped binds when only using one pad. All things to consider.


Well I tried with 1 and we all know what happens without pads. It won’t come up. But you know get some more.


Of course you can use 1 pad!

Depending on the response system, that is!

I used my FHZ with only 1 pad.

When I had an Alchemy Nimbus, I used one pad in it.

As for 19mm response, binds would be darn slippy


Yeah, I guess this is the best explanation. Binds are slippy at best. I’d just get some more pads if you can.

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There was a period of time that a few yoyos actually were made for just one response pad!


Wow, thanks guys!!! Also, I go to a yoyo club (bird in hand, meet me there!!! Lol) and thats when a part of the pad wasn’t attached, the guy there helped me pick out pads, its between Duncan SG stickers, which I hear are great, or these pads, they were orage and he said they were yyf, what are those? Should I just go with the sg stickers?


Hmmmm… Personally, I prefer even YYF response to the Duncan SG stickers, but I think the best option would be to put some Flowable Silicone in it.


Yes you can, I did with my MN for a short time when I didnt have any flowable silicone…


Just so ya know, your going to have to buy replacements or make your own.

So, yes you can use one, but as you use it it will wear down and not be usable…


I though those were typically “Hybrid” response meaning the other side had starburst response


Yah, I know… Thats what I posted…