Can you splash paint a big yo with model paint?

Just wondering.

Why wouldn’t you be able to?

Can I splash paint a Big Yo with model paint?

No. I can’t. Also, I won’t.

That doesn’t mean you can’t.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

too late ;D

i kinda like it, even though it’s kinda funky. ;D

If that’s what you came up with, might I advise you to come to see the next Sac Horror Film Fest production of “Repo, The Genetic Opera”, and get a VIP seat in the “spray zone”.

Yeah, we do all sorts of blood spraying effects.

I swear, that one looks like you opened up an artery and went to town on it. I think that yoyo should be renamed the “Big Bleed”.

I thought it looked like blood too. Just in time for Halloween! ;D

Trick or… trapeze!

;D Second half is drying right now. Hope it doesn’t screw with the play, there are little paint pools.

It does resemble evidence from a gory crime scene…maybe they could use it as a prop on CSI.
If it still plays just as well for you I’d say you can call you colorway mod a success!

done! ;D ;D

I really… lke… th… clr… jo…Dies

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might do a black splash on top of the red. Input?

Only one way to find out.

Have fun on your “killer” yoyo!

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here it is!
looks sick in person! ;D

It looks more like a splatter style paint job than what is traditionally known as a splash. Splatters are usually made by flicking paint onto the yo-yo. Splashes are made by masking off the splash design in a liquid mask, often rubber cement or hot glue, and then painting the background color.

That is sick. It looks like it was used as an implement of a grisly yoyo-based murder.

Keep that kind of stuff up and we’re going to have a great a NYYA(National YoYo Association, our equivalent to the NRA, except not quite as violent). We have our spokesman say “You can pry my yoyo out of my cold, dead hand!”

Do something to it - PLEASE.

I really don’t like it either way.

Looks like an ice cream sundae without the ice cream. Chocolate and strawberry topping inside a bowl. This is too much runs off to get some ice cream.