Can you put lynfury o-rings on a legacy?


I was wondering if u can put o - rings into a legacy? as a response system


Of course you can brian.

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No you cant. Legecy responce area is too shallow to fit o-rings


Is their a substitute for silicone


Nope. The YYF response K-Pads might work though.


There are many substitutes for slicone.

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K-Pads will not work on the Lyn but will work on the lyn fury. Tez-O-Rings would work for the Lyn and K-Pads/CBC(888 sized) Pads, YYF Silicone Pads, YYJ Silicone rings would work for the Legacy.


Like what for the Legacy?


Can i use o rings for the legacy?


Yeah, but you’ll need a Super Glue.

DON’T DO IT THOUGH, the o-ring is just gonna occupy the whole gap.


This makes no sense at all. ???

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What did you expect jhb? lol

Use non-flowable silicone.


My question was can i use o rings as the response for a legacy? if i trim everything

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You can try I guess.


Yes you can. I just put the o-rings from a journey in my legacy. By my calibrated eye ball, they do not stick up above the surface any more than on the journey, or a HM. If they are too much into the gap for you you could shim the bearing, or use a razor blade to trim them flush w/the surface of the shell.

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I meant The lyn fury was supposed to be a Legacy. Sorry.