Can you do offstring with a speed maker?


I don’t have an offstring yoyo (or money to buy one…) but I ordered a speed maker and I’d like to see if it’s not to hard with one…


Yes. It is had though.

You can technacly do offstring with any yoyo.


Sigh… Oh well Is it any easier with a dark magic? I ordered one of them too.


Yes, it is easier with a Dark Magic.

André Boulay actually uses it in some of his videos.

To reduce damage, try only to do it over carpet or grass.


Thanks again that’s really encouraging (and I’ll stay on grass too) :wink:


Yeah, he covered it. When I had a Dark Magic, I used it often for offstring. I traded that away, but I use a Spinfaktor HG (somewhat similar to a Speeder minus the metal rims and shape but whatever) and it works fine for me. If you can get good with a smaller yoyo, it’ll be much easier when you get a bigger one. (Aquarius, Bigyo, Hayabusa, Flying Panda, etc.)


Yeah but like I said I have no money at this point in the game… But I want to get a hayabusa…


if you dont like your speed maker when it gets to you, you can trade it for a hayabusa maybe on the b/s/t


That’s true as well but I think I’ll like it I’ll wait till christmas I’ll be satisfied untill he said too it’s better to practice w/ a smaller one first.