Can you damage your hand yoyoing??

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I was yoyoing once and somebody somebody somehow brought this topic up.  I was very skeptical so i looked it up. I don’t know if this is true or not so i decided to ask all of your opinions.  I think this injury is totally unrelated but maybe not.  not that it would ever make me consider quitting yoyoing.  Just asking.  Thanks!!!

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Yes. It’s a heavy, hard object. Catching it wrong or repeatedly too hard will likely leave a mark…

And for the record Dave Schulte (aka Dazzling Dave) is a professional yoyoer. The injury shown is true (but rare).

Hmmmm I’ve never thought about this before.

Keep in mind that Dave Schulte probably throws significantly more than your ordinary average guy, even those who say they throw a lot. He gives numerous performances, multiple times a week, and probably spends a good portion of his time practiicing his routine.

I have been throwing daily for nearly a decade, and I now notice that on cold days, my yoyo finger is always the appendage to go numb first :smiley:

OP - Yes, if you juggle knives at the same time.

Throwing while trimming trees would also be bad.

Seriously though. As long as you take breaks I would think you’d be good. I’m pretty health conscious and if it endangered me in some way, I probably wouldn’t be doing it.

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Come on, where’s the fun in that?? Haha just kidding. I guess you’re not a fan of motorcycles huh???

I mean… you have to do something.
You can injure your hand typing a lot too, y’know?
I feel like, of all the things I could do to feel creative and present, yo-yoing is pretty dang safe and low-impact.
Live life & throw hard.

You can damage your hand; sleeping…

Actually; joking aside; the possibility of injuring hands while throwing yoyos is much less likely than most other possibilities.

Just about every single part of your body is just as likely to be the sad recipient of impact damage.

Most yoyos are hard flying objects(when you are throwing them; obviously). The yoyos are ‘mindless’. They only go where: you direct them or fail to direct them.

Crazy tricks… bad binds… moving faster than you can think… horizontal tricks(those are the tricks where you actually put your face ‘on the menu’ just by nature of the possible proximity paths to your above the neck areas.

You can smack yourself in the: nose, eyes, teeth, chin, forehead, top of the head, back of the head, in the elbow, in the temple, in the knee, on the shin, right in the crotch(not kidding), etc…

If it’s part of you; you can damage it while hurling around a ‘hard flying object’.

… The good news is that if you start with sensible yoyo playing fundamentals and don’t get ahead of yourself; you can absolutely minimize injuring anything.

There ‘is’ a possibility of injuring your hand or hands; throwing yoyos. Either from direct impact. Out from repetitive Movements over time. Or from long throwing sessions while having the string loop ;waaay too tight on your throwing finger. <> and a few other possibilities.

But generally speaking; throwing yoyos is much less likely to mess up your hands than many other pastimes.

I have no doubt that somewhere… there is a kid skateboarding downhill at night with Absolutely No safety gear whatsoever; that would suggest putting a string on your finger is dangerous🤔 Go figure…

Trust me😉


Whatever the activity, if it hurts, give it a rest.

Professionals who perform the same activity hundreds of times a day, every day, do in fact run the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, and there is a known professional yo-yoer who attested to this.

This is something I don’t concern myself with, but if my arm or wrist hurt, I would definitely rest it a while.

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I broke my thumb going into the Houdini mount lol

Like pappy always said “if it breaks you can break it.” Be safe dont over do it when you mad. You can crack you can hurt. Ive cut my self open being dumb with yoyo.

I would much rather strain my hand from yoyoing then from video gaming. Just saying.

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