Can you answer these and help me?

Just a couple questions…

Is there any possible way to get out really tight knots? I went through three strings in one day due to those &%@#ing knots lol…

Can i use an eraser as a counterweight?

Is there anything i can find around the house to use as a counter weight? How do i cut a hole through it?

To get out tight knots I just pick at them. It takes a while but eventually it should get out. Also try wetting the string, that seems to help soften then up.
Yes, you can use an eraser as a counter weight. You can use anything. It might not be good depending on what you use but yeah.
Again you can use anything. When I first started I used bouncy balls. To cut a whole I used to drive a screw driver threw it, but now I use a drill.
Hope that helped!

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Cool ill go searching around for things i can use xD

i dont have the answer to the first question

Of course you can

mabye a dice or some cloth mashed up together to replace the finger