Can yall put pics up of used ricochets? Plz

I’ve been having titanium ano wear off on some knives but would think the ano on a ricochet would wear off faster than many parts on knifes.

Just curious as to why this would be the case or maybe now most ricochets are truly back to raw Ti form. Let’s see!!!

I wish I could help out, but I’m keeping my blue one pristine. I have a raw one that’s getting a whole lot of use though. I love, love, love that Ricochet.

Come on somebody has to have a used ricochet.

I don’t have one, but when I was at the Las Vegas Open, Eric Koloski showed me his ricochet. Completely raw, and he said it was once blue.

I’ve used my blue one very sparingly since I got it, I’m afraid to get that first scratch :slight_smile: There’s probably not many people out there intentionally beating on their blue Ricochet, remember it was limited to 250 pieces and pretty expensive…

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I have a blue one as well and only throw it over wood or softer. I know Noah Bachofen has a beat up blue one PM him!