can this be a job?

if you are sponsored by a large company, can this be a job if you take on like advertising and stuff for the company?

It’s tough, but do-able. Talk to Steve Brown.

Brandon Jackson may have some insight also.

Sponsorship in itself doesn’t usually pay anything besides yoyos, strings, bearings, etc. If you want to earn a living, you need to actually get a job at the company. You can make a living performing, but it’s not going to be lawyer status. Some of the bigger, well known performers can charge $500+ for a single, hour long show depending on the kind of place you’re doing it for. If you’re going to perform at Disneyland, you’re going to get a lot more than say, a community center. The reason it’s so hard to earn a living off of yoyo stuff is because it’s such a niche thing. Even the owners of the bigger companies aren’t making a ton.


But as a job you have to work hard. If you worked that hard at almost any other job you would be almost guaranteed to make more money.

But yes, you could earn a living.

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You can make money doing anything if you’re willing to bust your hump every day for it. If it’s something you love though the amount of work you put in won’t bother you.