Is there a way to make a living off of yoyo related things?

Hi! I was wondering if there were any way to make a living doing yoyo related things, maybe like making yoyos or hosting contests. Let me know!

Maybe not a living but maybe making lots of money or extra cash :smiley:

Well, obviously, some yoyo manufacturers make a living off of their product. Shawn and David from OD, and Chris from CLYW, just to name a couple. I assume YYE is a big source of income for Andre, but don’t quote me on that.

You could make Yoyo holsters like leg or Yoyo string.

A living? That would depend on your definition of living, and where that “living” ends up taking place.
Giant mansion on a beachfront in Hawaii? Probably not.
Possibly a decent flat away from major cities? More likely, it all varies.


Yeah. Dave Schulte, Dazzling Dave, whatever. Look him up. His wife works too, but he makes a decent living to my knowledge.

You can make a killing threatening people with yoyos and taking their lunch money. If they’re gonna think its a deadly weapon might as well make the most of it.,66097.0.html

Does performance count? John and Rebecca Higby (Yo-yo People), BLACK, and many others make a living as performers. Yo-yo People has done shows all around the globe, so that’s quite something. When BLACK was interviewed by CNN a few years back, it was said that BLACK makes more money as a yoyo performer than he was when he was working a typical office job.

To answer your question, yes you can, but trying out performance-art-oriented yoyoing myself, it’s harder than it looks.

Good info here. I feel like this topic comes up too often though.

Become a manufacturer of a huge yoyo company and perform at places demonstrating your skills. You’ll make enough for a living but you won’t exactly be rich even after all of that. Very few people have actually made a living out of yoyo but nobody has gotten rich from it.

Well I go to the classes and Julius makes a living selling yoyos, doing events, and stuff.

Moderating for a yoyo forum makes your rich and famous. Or is it poor and infamous? Yeah it’s the latter. :’(

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Well, I saw you on the street yesterday begging for money. BUT! Your act was horrible with that Summit on your Totalartist holster…