can the PHENOMizm grind?

Hi, i am considering buying a phenomizm and i was wondering if it can grind well. Since it has plastic rims i thought maybe it wouldnt do finger grinds well.
Also, would you recomend this yoyo? do you like it more than the destiny?

Yes. In my opinion it can finger grind pretty well but i don’t know about the other grinds. I have never tried the destiny

the destiny was released to the public today.
And grinds on a phenomizm are okay. I satined mine, and it still doesn’t do that well though. if you’re looking for a good yoyo for grinds, get a metal.

Edit: nevermind that first thing about the destiny. forgot people got to try it before it was available for purchase

i like the destiny more i tried it at east coast classic


seeings the shape is soo sharp there is only a small area for it to grind on and it will last max 9 seconds
dont know about the destiny but the phenimizm is a great yoyo and can do everything 110 percent apart from grinds

Get the DV888 if you like grinds