Can someone validate ownership to OG Peak 12 or 21...

Hello everyone, most of you probably won’t know who I’m talking about unless you’ve been around for a while. Just a disclaimer, I fully believe Jason Wong owns OG Peak number 21, but he hasn’t been on months to validate.

Years ago, a member named Sunny was accused of scamming with his friend going by multiple first names, with all last names ending in Lee. Sunny himself on YYN had reputable feedback. However, his “friend” was scamming and had access to Sunny’s account.

He once had OG Peak 12 or 21, I can’t distinguish. I contacted his hesitantly, and he claimed to have it. As of tonight, he claimed he “gave” the OG Peak to his friend, who happens to be named Steve Lee. Suspicious, huh.

If this guy has been toying with me all night, there’s going to be a problem. Can anyone prove that Jason Wong owns 21? I’m talking photographic proof. Also, can anyone prove ownership of 12? I’m 99.9% sure this guy is toying with me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Edit: if you own 12/21, PM me, or post in this thread, whatever you feel more comfortable doing.

So send Jason a PM. He’ll no doubt be notified of it.

Nope, I don’t own December 21st, but to whom ever does, nice. ;D

Ha ha ha

I don’t believe you were actually laughing. :wink:

Good detective work. I really think the dude is screwing with me, but I’m playing along for now.