Can someone tell me the pros and cons of a yyj karma?




It just came out. Also, your constant pro/con questions goes in Help/Recommendations.

I think this is essentially an all metal version of the X-Con Pro. I like how it looks, and if I feel like going nuts, I might go ahead and order one. I really like YYJ stuff. I also want to get an XCon Pro.

I like the lines. It kinda reminds me of a Phenom meets the XCon Pro.


Well, for me the size and weight of it would be a con. I don’t have it so I can’t say anything about the way it plays. A pro would be the color and the way it looks, I guess


It weighs less than the XCon Pro but has very similar dimensions. I’m kind of surprised. 2.4 grams. But yeah, at 65.5 grams, the Karma packs it it in for it’s dimensions. Still, the dv888 weighs more than the Karma.


Yea… the DV888 would be an excellent throw if it weighed around 63-64 grams


The OD MMN weighs 67 grams and is nearly identical in shape and dimensions to the dv888, but it just plays completely different, completely better.

Still, the Karma is of interest to me. I like the lines. Looks very fluid and would be somewhat slower in the air than a Mickey signature.