Can someone help me get back into yoyoing?

Hello guys,

I’m still alive. I’m active on facebook just not in the yoyoing scene. For those who know me, met me, etc, maybe I could use some help into yoyoing again.

I want to yoyo again. Please hit me up with those PM’s haha.


Khent Gaid

If the desire doesn’t come from within, no amount of PM’s or encouragement will keep you at this.

My drive for this is at a low right now. That’s OK, I’m focused on other objectives at the moment that are of a higher priority. My drive will return when the time is right.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, just go on youtube.

If you need people to help you start throwing again, then you probably won’t/shouldn’t stick with it. Yoyoing is suppose to be fun, not a chore that you need people to hype you up about.

It’s simple, buy a new throw that you REALLY want.

I’ll tell you what my wife tells me. “Grow up! I’m not your mother!”

Hope that helps! ;D