Can someone buy the mystery box for me? I'll pay you. Please.

It’ll drop it’ll be 5:30 am in India.

What you have to do is buy it. And send it to the address I give.

I’ll paypal you…

And here’s the pic

It’s the right orange one I think.


I don’t think either of those is the mystery throw. The mystery throw looks like an organic shape.

Don’t make any assumptions right now… just wait until OFFICIAL Details are released.

I don’t know whether I’m receiving pms or not.

Can someone pm me to check?


who wants to buy me one, you know for free… Birthday is coming up in September… Cause you know everyone on here is so awesome like that.

Me too please. My girlfriend won’t let me make this purchase. So who wants to be my girlfriend or boyfriend and buy me one? I’ll take you out on a date.

Haha good luck

someone here is looking for loving I’m sure. Not someone as in the username. Well maybe him. Someone, you doing anything tonight? ::slight_smile:

Erm… adjusts collar

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That escalated quickly…