can powder coating cover small damages?


So if there are a few small dings on the rims of a throw, can powder coating cover those to an extent? And will it cause any further damage or possibly slightly correct it?


I’ll keep it short!

Just send it you won’t be disappointed.


But yes the way I do it you’ll be like new.


Some what, if they are shallow dings, depending on the powder, yes. But if they are deep, no powder can cover them, but it is possible for the dings to be filled in before it is coated.


Couple different ways to cover up imperfections with the powder.

If its small stuff its not even a conversation.


Do you by chance have some before and after pics? I’m kinda interested also.


I’ll need to dig through the archives so bare with me.


Here is a prime example.
Picture of the blasted throw that has not had any of the damage removed. Don’t ask how only one side was beat up it arrived like that. I assume one half was swapped or something to that effect.

Now covered in a white powder coat you see what happens unless you get more involved with removing damage.


So you can still see e pitting there even after the powder coating was done. But you also said that was only if you didn’t get more involved in removing the damage, so you’re saying that this example won’t always be the case? I ask because I have a lot of yoyofficer throws that I collect and I want to do something to repair them as ,such as possible and also make them look amazing. But they are pretty beat.


Unless you do something to remove surface imperfections it will look like the picture I posted. Properly prepped it will be outstanding when finished.