Can I use this for response pads?

At a store I got some RTV silicone instant gasket. It’s made by the company ProSeal. It comes in the same type of tube flowable silicone comes in and with the same nozzle

Yes sir You can.

Sounds like it could work

Since it’s not flowable, and assuming it’s like Permatex Red RTV, you will need to smooth the top with something. I use an old library card which I rounded a corner with the radius of a dime. One of those fake advertisement credit cards that come in the mail would work or even a spoon. The curved corner puts a slight concave surface to the silicone, so it sits just below the surface. If the card picks up a lot of silicone because you got too much in the recess, wipe the card with a paper towel and go around the recess again (I like to turn the yoyo around while holding the card edge to the recess). Let dry a few hours to where you can rub or scratch off excess with a finger/fingernail. THEN, let continue to dry a full day from when you started, which makes it really last (otherwise you risk weakening it).

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SO using “GAsket” is okay?

It sounds like the same kind of stuff.

i’ve accidentally bought the wrong stuff and used nonflowable. Don’t use it! It’s a pain!. I used a credit card to smooth it but it still ended up wavy. It worked okay as response but it was just too much of a hassle. I just went out and got flowable stuff! but hey if anyone wants a tube of black nonflowable silicon it’s all yours!

^Dude just doesn’t know how to pour silicone. RTV is fine. Better, in some cases. Lasts longer, not quite as “squishy” of a feel to the response.

I think ILYY uses a blend of RTV and flowable to make theirs.

I can pour silicon fine. But how is nonflowable better? It leaves bubbles because it doesn’t set in the grooves.

If the response is going to last and be effective is has to at least have some flow to it which is probably why ilyy uses a mixture so it at least has some flow.

I ony had issues with non-flowable the fist time due to my inexperience. After I got the hang of it, it was easy enough and performs great. As easy as flowable? Nah, but long lasting and nice response.

If you could pour, or spell, silicone well you wouldn’t need it to settle itself in the response groove- you would have done that on your own.

Do you think it’s worth it though?

You’re right, it can be done. I could do it, but it’s much more of a pain, and i’m not sure it’s worth it.

I may have said some things that weren’t 100% right, but there’s better ways to correct me, or work constructively. The way you are acting is very uncalled for.

I’d say not, if people are happy with their flowable and have it on hand. I learned to do it with the red RTV before flowable became popular as the common approach. I can do it easily and have it on hand. Plus, I really like the performance. For ease of application, though, flowable is the way to go. If someone is picky about response, I would recommend giving the non-flowable type a try and see if the performance and durability is more to their liking and worth getting the hang of it plus a couple extra minutes application.

I may give it another try then if I ever become not happy with flowable or feel like comparing them.