Can i make my own yoyo string using rami yarn?

(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #1

Hi and goodnight from Indonesia, actualy i want to try to make my own yoyo string. I searching from youtube video but i failed to make the yoyo string. Sadly i just have rami yarn or i called as “Benang Kasur” and i think i have a question like "can i use this yarn to make the yoyo string? " that’s make me feel very confuse. How about you?

(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #2

P.s: if you don’t know what is rami yarn this is a picture of rami yarn


Quick google search led to the ramie wiki where I found this: “Spinning the fiber is made difficult by its brittle quality and low elasticity; and weaving is complicated by the hairy surface of the yarn, resulting from lack of cohesion between the fibers.”

I’m guessing it won’t work very well, but can’t hurt to give it a shot if you want to try it out. Loop it twice maybe since it’s so thick, twist it up, and see what happens. :man_shrugging:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #4

You can definitely make a string with it, but it’s not as strong as cotton, so the strings won’t last very long. It’s apparently pretty stiff and brittle, so I’d be worried about it breaking during play, as well.

As Garrett said, it’s worth a shot to try to make one string with it and seeing how it plays.