Came across a super cool flickr page

I was on google images and was searching for deadly spins images and seen a rare colorway and went to the flickr page and wow was I amazed. This person has one of the coolest yoyo collections and some super rare and awesome yoyos. I’m still looking through pictures but I thought I would share the link so you all can see these awesome throws. I don’t know if this person is on the forums or not but this is quite the collection. There is everything from old transitional YYJ’s to modern throws.


Here are some really cool throws that are in there:


I think you stumbled upon jasonwongzeros flcker!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t Jason Wong’s.

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I talked to him not long ago. He visits forums rarely. He is looking to start a yoyo museum in ATL.

I actually sold this guy my 28 stories gnarwhal:
CLYW 28 Stories Gnarwhal by YoYo Brothers, on Flickr

Cant wait for him to make the museum.

So thats where the other pink speckle wrath went. I knew who got one of them but not the other. Still bitter I missed it by seconds lol.
Also, TWO Captain America Chiefs? Thats just showing off lol.
AND, that Blue Pollock is probably my favorite of Jason’s ano. So Messy, but so controlled.

…I’m so jealous of this collection lol.

Is that a G3T I see? I played it once and loved it, really makes me miss Vs.Newton

freaking lucky…

Things like this depress me. Imagine the joy that could be had if this guy sold some of his throws instead of hogging them all. I may sound jealous, and that’s because I am, but honestly, I think it’s a bit unfair that some people who had the money and wanted to buy Cliffs weren’t able to, while this guy has 4 or 5, and 2 of the same color. I suppose if he has the money to buy them, who’s to stop him, but in my opinion it isn’t right.

I mean he is starting a yoyo musuem so i think that justifies buying all those throws. But i agree it is kind of unfair.

Well that is how America works, some things just aren’t fair. But it isn’t fair to people like him to regulate the sale just so everybody can get some. It’s like going to the store for milk and seeing the person ahead of you take all the milk… It’s just how it is

He could be a pretty respected person in the community, so he probably has the connects to acquire such items. Probably friends with a lot of people in the yoyo world, nice guy, etc.


Anyone know what the bb’s silver throw is? It looks like a foxland honeynadger



good grief



lol is this serious?





And here I thought Attybud had an awesome collection.

This is one person? Insane! He bought all the wraths?

But you don’t need two specimens in a museum…

That’s quite an impressive collection.

Ah yes, this collector is a friend who has often bought directly from me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has twenty or more examples of my work. :stuck_out_tongue: