Calling out GhettoNinjaZebra [RESOLVED]

As the title says, GhettoNinjaZebra disappeared right after I sent him/her the money on Paypal. This happened all on the YoyoNation Forum

This happened just a week ago and I’ve waited a week to do anything because I gave him the benefit of doubt, especially since he’s been a forum member for a while and has a few good reviews on his traders profile.

My biggest regret in this is the fact that I do not save my sent messages, something which I will make sure I do from now on.

The agreement is as follows:

I am to buy a Rockstar 2012 from him/her for $90 with international postage included, along with proof of postage.


Here was the last few messages exchanged between us

I have sent the money, and here’s the receipt as proof:

Right after that, he disappeared and has his “Last Online” status was on the evening of the 14th of February. This is my first time experiencing this sort of problem. I have traded a lot of as well as and never experienced something like this. Would really appreciate any help/advise concerning this issue :confused:

Thanks guys.

It’s only been a week. Life happens and people have things to do outside of the forums. Give him another week or so and then start panicking.


I’ve traded with him before, 2 weeks ago to be exact, without any problem. Don’t forget he still goes to school; you’re going to have to give him some time. If no presence online goes beyond this weekend, then I’d try to contact him or a yoyonation moderator.