Cabin Tutorials?!


Why have they stopped! Every Tuesday I’d love taking a crack at a new Haycock tutorial, but for the past 3 weeks, I’ve had no such privilege!

I’m not complaining, please don’t misunderstand - just wondering if anyone knows if/when more will be coming.


There’s been quite a bit of contest action recently, and with US Nationals coming up, they might be focusing on “taking care of business”.

I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure it will be back.

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Yes, I’m sure Chuck, a Canadian, is busy practicing for US Nationals. :smiley:


He goes to cal states

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Yeah, but he can compete at Cal States. First sentence on the rules page for US Nats:

“All competitors must be a US Citizen or full-time resident.”


Steve knows his stuff.


I’m pretty sure Chuck has a life and other obligations. He’ll probably keep making new tuts.


The rules for CalStates and BAC are different than Nationals. A lot of international players hit those two events. It’s like “mini-Worlds” crammed into 1 day. Or something kind of like that except completely different.


Yeah for sure. I’m not implying he should or has to, just wondering if anyone knows if he plans to! Because I for one love 'em.


I’m missing lets play yoyo with Mike M. too. They both have quit for now.


We only have a few stocked up so I thought I’d take this week off :slight_smile:

Sorry for not giving any notice. There will be a brand new one up on Monday.


PS: The next one is a Yuuki trick!


Woot woot


Thanks Chris! Yeah I figured they were filmed in large batches; Hoping both you and Chuck are into the idea of making more, personally it’s one of those things that makes me love CLYW as a company, because of how much they do for the community.


LOL, this reminded me of when I was confused about Zach winning Nationals. I was like, “How on earth did they let a Canadian win?” But then I saw that he’s from Colorado. LOL.

I thought he was Canadian because he is sponsored by CLYW and I saw him in a video wearing a hat that said “Canada” with a big leaf. I guess those were stupid reasons to assume that he was Canadian…


I made that same exact mistake:P


It’s Tuesday isn’t it?

Wait no Wednesday.

Where is the tutorials Chris?

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Protip: Never believe it until you can actually smell the maple syrup.



Sniff sniff …