C3yoyodesign Re:Master Galaxy vs One Drop 1to1

Which do you like better? I am mainly looking for which one is more fun in general, but also good horizontal performance. I know it is almost blasphemous for a lot of One Drop fans, but I have CT bearings in all of my One Drops, so any differences between bearings won’t be effecting my decision. If there are any other wide 50mm plus throws that others consider better then these two, I am also open for suggestions.

PS, I’ve tried the Atlas before, it is just too expensive for me right now and not what I’m looking for.

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Of course… like any rational yo-yoer, naturally you do :wink: … so do I :smiley:

I personally am a very very big fan of the Remaster Galaxy, if you like wide bois you can’t go wrong with that one.


Once I get better at non-responsive I plan to test this out myself with two Rev 1’s, one with standard and one centering.

Have you looked at the Umbra? It’s an ultra-wide yoyo that I designed. Same price as the re:master galaxy. I like it a lot, it has a weird light-weight juice to it, though I can’t really compare it to the 1to1 or re:master cause I haven’t tried them yet.