c3 token vs. yyj trigger

witch one sleeps longer and can handle tricks better?

the trigger no doubt about it

First, look at the specs between these two models. You’ll see that the Token is much smaller than the Trigger in diameter, width and weight(maybe not so much in weight).

Generally speaking, larger yoyos tend to spin longer. At least, consider the stuff 50mm and up. I find the stuff around 56mm works best for me.

While the Token is a lot of fun, the Trigger is the one you want if what you’re concerned about is better overall performance.

I like both, I have both. I think the Trigger is what you’re after.

I own both and I agree with everything Studio42 said.

I left out something:

The Trigger is among the loudest yoyos I have. I think only my Epic is louder in general play, and some of my other stacked yoyos can be loud when the stacks are engaged. The Protostar and Northstar are known for their noise. My DM2 is kind of noisy but not really when compared to some of the others.

The Token, compared to the Trigger, is pretty darn quiet, making your normal metal yoyo sounds.

Personally, I could care less about the sounds.

I agree with everything else Studio42 added, except that I do care about sound. I cannot play the Trigger indoors. Outdoors there’s more ambient noise and less reverberation so it doesn’t kill me, but indoors I just can’t handle it. So loud.

But a fantastic yoyo performance-wise!