C3 Atomic Crash opinions?

So I picked up a C3 Gamma Crash recently, and for a non-metal yoyo it is astonishingly performant. So naturally that has made me curious about the Atomic Crash. What do folks think of the AC?

Fair warning, “performant” is not an actual word. It is something programmers basically made up.

More recently, we’ve seen the word “performant” start its crawl into the everyday vocabulary of devspace. It is used to mean “highly performing.” It’s also not a word. When something provides information, it’s informative. It’s not “informant.” The word “performant,” if it existed, would be a noun – not an adjective. But it doesn’t exist, so if you do see it in print, remember that it’s not really there.

Any readers who have made it this far are probably rolling their eyes now, thinking to themselves, “Why are they being such sticklers here? Isn’t the language a wonderful, evolving thing?” Yes, our language is evolving. As there is a need for new words, new words enter the language. But making up new words is just as bad as using fancy words in place of short ones. Why say “This project’s goals are orthogonal to the company’s needs”? Admit it – if you were at home, you’d just say “different from” or “at odds with.”

Back to yo-yos! Yes, the atomic crash is really excellent. It is draupnir-ish in its feel.


One of the best Draupnir-esque throws out there. Better than the Draupnir, imo.


I adore mine. I like it more than my Hummingbird. Haven’t played a Draupnir though.

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Atomic crash is super recommendable. Awesome splashes too, though I think you are more of a solids guy @zslane?

This yoyo is for the speed player more than the techy player.

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Yeah, I prefer solids 95% of the time. However, this is one of those 5% moments when the bright pink splashy one kinda appeals to me for some bizarre reason.

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