C13,DV888, MaheM,or Vendetta?

Which one?Here are my preferences…

Wide is good

I like the shape of my DM

I also dont mind The shape of my speed maker

large gap preferred but i do fine with small

green is my favorite color

I like cake more than pie

try the MayheM

yeah I might… I don’t know I just saw it was a litlle over budget for ne but if it’s that good I might save up

If it’s over budget then I say give the DV888 a try.

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Yeah that was my original plan but then saw the c13 and I remembered the screaming eagles and I had to ask. Btw my buget was 70

I think the MayheM is great, Dv888 is amazing, Vendetta is not the greatest, C13 is awesome, But this is IMO. I think by your details, MayheM is Good.

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… Yeah definitely going with the DV888. if I get the MayheM I won’t have enough for some other stuff I need. if I do eventually get the MayheM it won’t be till after Christmas. thanks to both especially mikey fir saying it was amazing. If it’s not perfect I’ll adapt my previous throw was tiny when I got my DM it felt HUGE but I got used to it.

You will love that dv888. Such an amazing throw…

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If you like the deep cut on the Speed maker, the rims of the Vendetta are alot like those on a SM!

Haha that’s pretty much th reason I chose it for a lot of people it’s their favorite plus I saw some amazing vids with it and they just got that new green hardcoat! So sick

mehem I used a mehem, vandetta and dv888

Don’t like duncan pads, to responsive…i’d go with the DV888 or the c13, both are good… ;D