C or D bearing mod44? Have you tried both? Which should I get?


Definitely about to get one, just curious what your opinions are. Leaning towards the C as it’s most common, I don’t have many D bearing yoyos and I have a lot of spare C bearings. State your case for one or the other.


I think you should get the D bearing version, and the Hatchback rims (that’s the set sold separately not included in either of the hub sets).

Because of the interchangeable rims, buying either is like buying 3 yoyos in one. If you don’t have a lot of D bearing throws already, this would be a great way to experiment with a lot of different shapes with the D bearing hub.

And concave D bearings are easy to buy at several different online retailers right now.

However, if you’re interested in the 4A Big Rims set, then you’ll want to get the C bearing hub, as that’s the only one the 4A set is compatible with (it comes with a shorter axle and a half-spec C bearing). I assume the rims will still fit onto the D bearing hub, but because of the bearing, it’s been listed as only compatible with the C bearing hub, iirc.


Definitely D


My vote would also go to the D bearing hub. I have the C bearing version and love it, but honestly I was really hoping the Unknown collab was on the D hub.

To expand on this though if you want to play your mod44 responsive, the half spec C bearing and shorter axle axle are also a fun option for that. Especially if you can print some slimline rims to go with it. There’s been some neat setups I’ve seen using a half spec bearing. So if you’re more interested in 4A/responsive stuff go with the C, if you just want something really unique go with the D.