The Buzz-on C-note. 100 Grams! ZOMG! Has anyone ever played with one? I just want to know about it… because it is SO heavy!

Was the weight all due to the enlarged weight rings? If not, did they have internal weight rings too?


Holy crap dude, that’s gotta be a wristbreaker! I’d like to know more about this as well, if anyone’s actually played one. What’s the list price?

Wow… I remember when that thing came out. I believe it held the sleep record for a while.

No it didn’t

100 grams is chump change compared a yoyo I threw a couple weeks back weighing in at 200+ grams. However I would like to try the c note for diversity sake.

Hm… Alright.
It was designed for that purpose though, wasn’t it? I mean… What the heck else are you gonna’ do with that thing?

Yes, it was designed to break the sleep contest. There was actually a $100 prize as well as 5 other c-notes commemorating the breaking of the record. However, the c-note never did break the record and the prize is, I’m guessing, still up for grabs if you have a c-note.

Yeah I’ve played one and let me tell you When it hits the bottom of the string you yo know it.
Plays like a rock. Was only made for the record breaking but never made it. I think they need to start a new category with the record though.

I mean look at the Buddha king 2 shape. I think there should be a butterfly shape record too.


It would have to have a decent sleep time I would think? I mean the Buddha King 2 was like 88 grams?

The yoyo sleep time isnt solely based on weight i belive.
Its also based on weight placement of the yoyo, isnt it?

I believe so.

It was made because Dave got a bunch of metal rings that were made wrong (too heavy) and needed to do something with them.

if memory serves, it wasn’t ‘designed’ to do so. the rings were a machining error combining the diameter of the element x rings with the thickness of nemesis rings. dave stuck em in an elex body and voila! new, unique, product… which most would find totally unusable EXCEPT for throwing long sleepers.

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i will see that and i’ll raise it.

Perhaps, but according to the site, that one I had was the largest one that actually has the ability to actually ‘yo’ up and down, if you were to have the manpower. (and a unseverable finger)


If only lol