BYYS Panther String Review!

I pre-ordered some Big YoYo panther string and received it Monday and wanted to do a review on it because i love doing reviews! I always wanted to order some of his string. I have some expectations, though. This string has a lot of positive feedback, so lets see what happens.

YoYo used:

First Impressions:
I had mixed feelings when i first felt the string. I liked the slick feeling, but it just seemed a little thin to me. It felt nice in the hands, but it had a slight rubbery feeling. After examining I just had to use it!

On a Throw:
THESE CAN WHIP AND SLACK! I can pull off whips and slacks with ease. You can actually here the string whip through the air! I used the same string for FOUR days without signs of whip loss or fraying! The tension holds extremely well. But after four days, it starts to decrease. The thinness of the string doesn’t even affect binds that much. I did find that the string does not hold on to your finger that well in the slipknot. I had to move it down the base of my finger to prevent the yoyo from flying off my hand.

I love this string. I truly do. Although it doesn’t grip my finger that well, i am impressed! The tension holds well and it can slack and whip like a dream! Contact BYYS and buy some. Now!

In no way was i compensated for this review. I personally pre-ordered the string before it was shipped.

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A lot of the premium strings I’ve tried (and sometimes even normal poly) want to fly off my finger. Depending on just how “bad” it is, I do one of two things (both taught to me here on YYE; I think Waylon taught me one):

  1. Twist the loop that forms the slip before tightening up (ie. the tied loop, not the one you make to go around your finger). This works for strings that are just slightly slippy and have the right texture to create friction with itself (a touch on the ‘organic’ side)

  2. Make your full slipknot without putting your finger through yet. Use the loop that’s supposed to be for your finger to make yet another slipknot! It will seem all “WTH?” until you put it on your finger and start tightening up. The loop that’s meant for your finger in a normal slipknot passes over the knot from the tied loop (following me? No? Just try it instead of visualizing it!) and when you tighten it all up it does this … er… finch’s head…? knot that will hold pretty much any string.

There’s no downside to #1, so if it works for anybody, use it! The downside of #2 is that on a hard throw, the slipknot might tighten up around your finger and not loosen back up, causing your finger to slowly turn purple and then black and then fall right off your finger if you don’t do something about it.

(OK, if you let it turn purple you’ve taken too long to fix the problem… :wink: )

Thanks for the review of the strings. BYYS needs a distributor here in Canuckia!

You can also rub a little bar soap on the loop. Diaboloists use this technique to give a fresh string the necessary grip to make the diabolo spin.

Haha I do do that!

Just try twisting the loop, like the first post’s number one thing. That’s what I do, works great

Twisting worked! thanks guys