By Popular Request: The End of My Part in This Particular Debate

It’s pretty safe to assume that we’re all here because we love yoyos, even if we all approach the hobby differently. I’ve enjoyed your contributions here, and believe everything you’ve posted has been with the best intent. I appreciate and respect your willingness to see things through the eyes of others, a rare and valuable trait in a future physician. We’ve got a great community here and that brings me joy.


Please come back @nightshadow


Hey! The truth is, I never really left. While I don’t come onto the forums much these days, I still have my email hooked up to this account so I get notified if anyone messages me/tags me. But maybe message me a few times, as I’m horrible about checking my email.

I’m glad to have made my peace with the debate I frequently took part in, and gave the others users a chance express any lingering frustrations they had on it/me one last time. Their “tough love” as user @suspense called it. Hopefully, getting all that out there helped lower the overall annoyance level. The annoyance of the many versus the annoyance of the one and all that. :smile:

If I have something important to say (or if I start buying yo-yos in the BST again!), I have no issues with coming back and making a topic and such.

I think this is a happy middle ground between talking regularly about the aspects of yoyoing I think about most, which a lot of the forum community doesn’t care much for, but also not going so far as to completely retract from a community that I’ve been in for 8+ years.

SO, message/tag me if you’d like to talk. I should receive it. And I’ll come back and make a topic if there’s something important I want to organize or similar.



I hope one day you will post more here again. I like your contributions and high energy that you brought here


Haha, “high energy” is one way to put it.
But I’m working on some neat stuff I’ll probably put up here. We’ll see if it pans out.