BvM2 - more like a giant Gnarwhal?

So I’ve said before that the one CLYW throw that I’ve really enjoyed was the Gnarwhal (and now the Summit which is excellent). But I recently obtained a BvM2 and I really like this thing. I really did not like the original and sold mine long ago. But the BvM2 is not even the same yoyo. It seems the beveled rims are the only holdover from the original design. But, as for the rest of its design, it’s like a full sized Gnarwhal. My favorite part - no bump before the response.

Anyone else really enjoying the BvM2? :smiley:

I definitely agree! Although its much floater than the gnarwhal.

It’s my favorite Clyw throw now. Probably gonna get rid of my emerald summit since its been thrown twice and bvm2 is the only thing I pick up these days.

It’s grown on me. Like cranberry juice.

The sas is the same shape as the gnar but bigger, I bet u would like it.

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Isn’t the sasquatch already a bigger gnarwhal, I do like my Gnarwhal though bought it for the awesomeness of the Gnarwhal which without fail bacons at midnight, but it is a great throw and shape, it is however currently my first and only CLYW.

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Yes, the Gnar was supposed to be the little brother to the Sas. But look at the profiles of all three and I think you’ll agree that the gnar and BvM2 are much more similar. The Sas’s catch zone has a much steeper slope. I’ve thrown the Sas and it wasn’t for me, unfortunately. But, like some others, I can’t put the BvM2 down. I have a beautiful Summit just sitting in my case getting sadder and sadder.

the gnar is a mini squatch

So true, I’ve heard this from a few people. Like it takes a day or two of solid playing to really bond with it and fall in love.

Honestly I think the BVM2 is more like a lighter quicker chief

Man, that sounds appealing to me. But then the specs show that the Chief is roughly the same size and a smidge lighter!

Goes to show that it’s all about weight distribution, right? Wish I had a way of trying one of these…! :slight_smile: