Buying 3 stamps (44 cent) for $2

My dad won’t let me use his stamps anymore. I tried asking my neighbors but they dont use stamps. So…I’ll could someone send me 3 stamps. For $2.

Then how are you suppose to send the money?

Happy Throwing! =]

Its quite simple. You send the stamps. So I could use 1 stamp that you sent to send the money. DUH!

3 stamps for $2 and you cant get me an extra buck for the legacy ???.

Long story…

Most supermarkets sell them.

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Why are you trying to purchase stamps by mail? Most local post offices have them. If you can’t find them there, here is a website that lets you purchase legal stamps, print them, and paste them on your letters:

Hope this helps

You can get them anywhere. This way isn’t the proper way to do it, but if you are home alone, get one, hide the envelore/pacakge, then next time your parents go into the Post Office, run, and put the envelope in the box. ;D

Parents wont let me use credit card. I have no ride.

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My parents hid their stamps away from me. So I can’t find it.

Well find them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw - just hope for the best. :wink:

I would think that buying stamps from another person over the internet would be difficult.
I think that you should just buy it at a supermarket or something.

You can also apply for a debit card at your local bank. To convince your parents to do so, just say it’s a good thing to learn, and it will give you a lesson in responsibility. To get free mail, take the envelope out of junk mail envelopes (the ones that have pre-paid postage on them), cross out the printed address and write in your own. And now you have free, stampless mail!

You can do that Kapcom?:open_mouth:

I would think that’s illegal.

I know a good trick…l.that won’t work too well sometimes.

Write the return address to where you want it to be shipped, then put it in the mailbox with no stamp! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, I’m kidding. But you really should go shopping with your parents and bring like…$8 for 20 stamps, or 16 for 40 stamps to last a long time.

Well, let’s just say this. I found it in “Steal this Book” by Abby Hoffman, so it’s probably a questional method at best. But, it would serve those stupid credit card companies right, no? If they’re going to send junk mail, might as well have them pay for it.