Hey guys I’m In a bad situation right now and I need some cash.Yes that Means you will have to ship cash in the mail.But this is what I have:

A YYF NOVA mint green with black splash-$35$20

It has one ding but it still plays amazing




Why won’t you accept PayPal? That’s honestly why I’m not buying this.


I don’t have a credit card to hook up to paypdk


Don’t need one.


How you do it then


You have to have a credit card to do it. The money gets sent to paypal, and then to your bank account.

If you have a parent with a paypal that will work :-!


That is not true. Where do you think the credit card is involved? You even said the money is sent to PayPal and then to your bank.

All you need is a bank account, and PayPal pretty much walks you through it.


Ok I set it up just PM me your email


PM sent :).




do you still have it for sale?
cause i would buy it for 25$!


Don’t deal with this prick, he’ll scam you

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