SEND KEIRAN TO PNWR...HUGE sale! Look inside!

Sup guys! It’s Keiran here with a yoyo sale! I NEED TO GO TO PNWR I’m only selling these… ;D #lolswag

I wants:
cash only, yo
Nah, not paypal… jus cash!

C13 and Genesis both for 100.

Ah gots:

-Powdercoated Superstar. Two small nicks, no hard dammage. small vibe. - 60

-Rockstar 2012. Winston splash. B-Grade. Unengraved. ding’d. - 60

-09 Severe. Yoyojoes edition. Anoed’ by Tyler. two very small dings. tuneable vibe. - 90

-09 Severe. 44clash edition. ding’d. small red flecks around the inner rim. small vibe. - 60

-Genesis. Undeniable Edition. beat. No vibe when you grind. string vibe. - 50

-C13. Magenta. like 5 BIG dings. still smooth. - 50

-2007 G5. Spiral edition. satined by James Reed. james, you suck at satining (lol) Smooth. - 40

-Protostar. Yellow. like 3 dings. smooth. - 20

-Protostar. Red. dings (small) satined. Smoooooth. - 20

-CounterAttack. Clear, blue rings. brand new. really small vibe. - 20

-Northstar. Orange. few dings. regular plactic vibe. - 20

-Starlite. 5 dings. vibe. - 10


-DarkMagic. YYE ed(blue w/ black rims) 2 Dings. smooth. - 15

-Fiesta. Orange. ding’d. satined. smooth. snaggy. 20

Remember. Cash onlyyyyyy
GRACIAS for reading.

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You said no paypal…so you expect people to send cash through the mail, with no guarantee you will get it, or someone will steal it? Good luck with that… you may wanna sign up for that. If you don’t have a bank account, have one of your parents sign up for it, it’s free. Good luck with the sale, but there is no way I’d ever send cash through the mail, and I’m sure others will agree with me.

He has already 3 positive feedback. I’ve traded with him before and he’s legit. Plus people paying with sending money can send first, and when he gets it he can ship his yoyos. You realize you only trust the people with good feedback, right? That’s why we do it. Money people can ship first, then he could ship.

Im going to agree with Genji with a sign of thought.
I don’t neccesarily enjoy money through mail
So here are my usual methods


2.Money Order

  1. Money bill

  2. An alternative way to recieve money without actual shipping of such money

If so 5. He would ship the money however it would come in a box with tracking and security.

But paypal is usually prefered.

Although when I tried trading with him he never shipped and changed his mind on our trade multiple times… hmm, paypal or no money

I hope you guys are aware that sending money in the mail is illegal

Why would it be??

I get cards in the mail from my grandmother. Happy Birthday!

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BEAST!!! 8)

Haha it just didn’t make sense to me.

Um, Necro?

Like cash. Not checks

Yeah, I’ve gotten that too.

Thanks Nanny (I mean my Grandma)