Need a favour

I have a bit of a strange request for any friendly Americans out there. Would anyone be willing to go to the post office and buy a pre-paid international priority express mail letter envelope and mail it to me. I need return postage for something in the United States and American postage is hard to come by in Canada. I will obviously pay for the envelope and postage and give you an extra $10 for your trouble. I can send all funds through paypal.

There’s one thing I can say…

Check your supermarket, dollar store, post office, most places like that have padded envelopes.

I would, but im just a kid haha but for sure one of the kind throwers of yye will.

Canadian postage will get the item to where it needs to get to in the United States just fine. If you’re willing to pay someone a $10 charge on top of everything else, it’s gonna be cheaper to just mail it yourself.

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