I bought a duncan butterfly the other day. I hadn’t bought one in a couple years and I noticed this one was way more unresponsive than the last one I got. I took it apart and noticed the axle has a groove in the middle and the starburst doesn’t look as sharp as the last one I got I like it a lot I can even do some whips with it. I was wondering if anyone knows when Duncan decided to make the butterfly more modern?


they do it called the butterfly XT.


I bought my little bro a Butterfly almost 2 weeks ago, and its really responsive. I couldn’t even take it apart.
That sounds pretty dope that Duncan did that though. :slight_smile:


I know this isn’t really about what you’re talking about but have you seen what drew tetz does with a butterfly? It’s amazing.


They did some slight alterations since the golden days of Duncan. Including the slightly smaller area of the axel where the string fits.