Duncan Butterflyresponse system/axle question

So I cabed and got me a butterfly to let the kids use to learn basic throw, maybe rock the baby,. But it isn’t as responsive as I’d expect. I took a look into the gap and noticed there is a little spacer thing on the axle that sticks out past the starburst on one sid4, while on the other side the spacer is deeper inside so it doesnt obstruct the string from catching on it.

Is this how they are supposed to be? I wouldnt except the thing doesnt stay spinning fast enough to get a bind on it should the tug not work.

Hope this is the right section.


Can w3 m4bye gst sum picturs?

Hahah^ enough of the sill grammar talk.

For a start, there are no spacers in a Butterfly.

Second, the new type of butterfly’s, they have the axle so its thick, and then becomes thinner at the point where the string attaches.

So these “spacers” are probably just the edge where the axle gets bigger.

Another thing to note- the butterfly is a fixed axle, tighten the string tension< very important.

Loose string on a bearing yoyo? No problem.

On a fixie? BIG DEAL (no pun intended ;))

So make sure the string tension is tight.

Another thing, it sounds like the yoyo came loose, try pushing the halves together, see what happens.

One last thing, you mentioned “for the children to learn on…” If they are small, and you cut the string really short, it wont respond well…

I would recomend just picking up a super cheap yoyo on yoyoexpert like the following-

A Classic $10
A ONE $8

Both of those are responsive, but can be made unresponsive.

And if they really need the response, look around for a Yomega Brain!

Hope this helped :wink:

Happy throwing!

I have one I bought a couple of years back, they traditionally have a starburst molded into each side as the response. At this price point I don’t expect that they’ve done much different since then. They always seemed plenty responsive to me, but as I say it’s been a couple years since I bought one.

It has also come to my attention that toys r us carries ONE’s :smiley:

Double loop the axle, and it should be responsive enough for anything, but it won’t sleep

They probably also carry the New Velocity s well.

Be aware that the Butterfly XT and Butterfly are very different, as the XT I think uses a C-size bearing. Other than that, if you want more responsive play out of a Butterfly, use thicker string and/or double loop as well as manage string tension. It’s not an ideal beginner in this day and age.

If you get something like a ONE or Classic stock(slim bearing installed), you may need thick lube for a bit to maintain the responsiveness while a new player gets down the basics and starts to transition up the trick list.

Not the best picture ever, but they did change the axle in the Butterfly sometime not too far in the past. In my experience the new axle is an unresponsive string cutter. Luckily both are easily replaceable with 1/4" dowel.
Old axle on the left.


Thanks everyone for your responses (see what i did there?)

And especially you yooldman. That’s exactly what I was talking about. Sorry I didn’t put a picture up. I misplaced the thing not too long after starting this thread.

Also thanks for clarifying the “spacers” thing. I didn’t know what to call it. I knew spacer wasn’t the right word, but I couldn’t think of a better description.

I tried pushing it without feeling like I’d break it, but I’ll try it again but harder.

I might try replacing it with a wooden dowel, though. That seems like a good idea.

Edit: On one side the thick part of the axle protrudes a little bit past the starburst response area.
Do not have a picture taking device at the moment so I made a little drawing of it: