Butterfly maintenance

So, my Duncan Butter fly I got won’t come up. Should I double wrap the string like a hitch. Or keep it that way. I’m using it for fixed axel play. Thank you.

With Butterflies, I suspect most people just buy a new one.

What type of string are you using? While the metal axle in a Butterfly won’t burn poly like a wood axle, poly just doesn’t have the friction that cotton string has.

Double looping might help, or it might give you too much response. It’s worth a try to see how it works for you.

I hate the new axles they put in the Butterflys. I’m not sure when they made the change, but I find the new design axles to be unreliably responsive no matter what you try. I normally take out the stock axle and replace it with a piece of 1/4" dowell.

Ok, I thought you had to use only cotton. In that case I will try out some ammo.

I double looped it and it comes strait up to my hand. It sort of just hits the end of the string and comes right back.

How would you replace the axle. It’s probably going to be a dumb question, but is there any kind of modding the yoyo entirely involved here. I’m not allowed to, like, wreck it.

You have to basically break it and put it back together. Butterflies aren’t meant to come apart, but with force applied the correct way, it will do just that.

yooldman, I like that idea… I have a hankering to make me a wood-axle butterfly. What kind of glue are you using when you re-assemble?

One more thing, how long is the axle supposed to be?

Elmer’s school glue. Just a little, they hold together almost as good as stock just through friction.


I just measure off the stock axle and cut the dowel a hair longer. Tape a couple of pennies together to set the gap when you reassemble.

Here’s a pic of a couple wood axle conversions :wink: compared to a stock Butterfly.


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Would that make it more responsive. The gap is wider than the stock. Just wondering.

Even with the larger gap it plays more responsive and much more consistently. The extra friction from the wood makes up for the larger gap. It also helps keep the string off of the starbursts a little more, which greatly increases spin time.

Any Cotton string you can recommend here at Yoyoexpert? And are there any risks of doing this mod?

Cotton is cotton, probably pick type 8 over type 10.

Risks - that you wreck it pulling it apart, as in ruin the axle hole.

Thickness I mean. I should have been more specific.

Cotton ain’t cotton, especially when comparing the “regular” cotton sold here to the type-10 thick cotton sold here. The thick gives much better response and lasts much longer. I really don’t like the regular cotton sold here. Too thin and I’ve had problems with it sawing through wooden axles in a remarkably short time.

I’ll agree on the risks, you can break it. Just be gentle.

Any prevention of breaking it?

Take your time, be careful. I’ve done it a dozen times and haven’t broken one yet. Knock on wood.

Seconds later they all explode. :wink:

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I had fixed this about the time you posted. My opinion, contrary to the other advice given here is to use the type 8 on the butterfly w/a wood axle.

Maybe type 8 is good if you go back to the stock gap size, (and by maybe I mean I don’t agree ;)) but if you are going to make the gap larger I still say type 10. This way you take advantage of the type 10’s greater longevity, which I find to be significant. Type 10 also plays noticeably better than type 8 with the larger gap. I think you want to increase the gap to get the string away from those starbursts. It makes a huge difference in spin times.

Hate to argue with you jhb, I know you’ve been at this game a long time.

How about I get both of your opinions!

I realize polyester melts when you use it on a wooden axle yoyo, but can you use a thicker poly string and will it last longer, or will it have the same amount of life in it.

Also, I watched Ed Haponik’s Q&A fixed Friday video and he said 2 pennies should fit into the gap. Is there any specific reason why this is, or is this just prefferance.

VIDEO LINK----> http://yoyonews.com/2013/05/24/fixed-friday-back-to-basics/

I haven’t had much luck with any type of poly on wood axles, but some people have reported different results. I’ve tested out slick 6 50/50, and cotton in type-8, type-9 (Actually my favorite but I don’t usually recommend it as it isn’t sold here.) and type-10. I haven’t tried very much poly after a couple of incidents of broken string and yoyo escape.

The “2 cents” is just a preference, but I’ve found it works well for the Butterflys that I modify. I have also tried the stock gap and a “6 cent” gap made by taping a penny to a nickel. “2 cents” just seems to give a good result for both response and spin time.

The best thing to do is try as many things as you can and see what works for you. This is what I’m basing my replies on, what I’ve tested myself and what worked best, for me.