Duncan Butterfly string duration

This seems like a noob question, but when i got my Butterfly yesterday i immediately popped a new poly string onto it, but after a few throws the string snapped right where the string meets the axle. What can i do to fix it? Was it a string issue?

Ok so are you talking butterfly Xt or the normal one?
If its the normal you should use cotton string the axle will melt poly if you have a good throw.
If it is the xt then I dunno maybe just a bad string or maybe you have that awesome of a throw that the starburst melted the string. <— I don’t think that happened.

Probably just a weird thing. My dark magic has become string shredder but i found out some strings are more durable. Try again and see if it breaks.

You actually can use poly on the regular butterfly. It has a steel axle, the axle melting poly string is a problem for wood fixed-axles. That being said ,I often have this problem with new Butterflys. They changed the axle design at some point in the not to distant past and the new axles seem very prone to eating strings. One thing you can do is take a heavier piece of string, doesn’t have to be yoyo string, (I use the string from my top) give it a few wraps around the axle and slide it back and forth. Do this for a while and the problem is usually taken care of. This tells me that the new design axles are probably more prone to have burrs.

You can also check out this Butterfly discussion we had last week. It includes string choices and axle replacements, among other things/


I rubbed it a few times with the string from my diabolo, and i seems to help, but it looks like the Butterfly will be tearing up a good amount of my strings if i keep playing with it