---Butterfly XT Test---


Hello all. Just me and my butterfly XT, an amazingly good yoyo that is tug responsive and less than 7 dollars. I am doing a mixture of fixed axle tricks and regular string tricks. The XT is stock and I am using 50/50 string, enjoy. As allways comments and subscribers are welcome and encouraged.

(2Sick Joey) #2

That was dope!


That was amazing!

Thanks for showing us!




Glad you guys like it and I suppose bump for the vid as well.


Another notch on the ole’ battle-Axe for Sladeriggs. Hot dang, you are getting wicked good man.


That’s fantastic! Does the light weight of the XT help with doing some of those string tricks?


Not really. The weight doesn’t matter much at all. You just can’t go fast since it is so lightweight it will tilt easily if you push it too hard. Just have to be smooth and precise. If you hesiate on a trick then there is a good chance it will unwantedly come back and hit hard, hehe.


Dude, that is crazy good! Duncan need to use this video for some promo stuff!



That would be pretty awesome. Glad you think it’s that good.


That is some of the sickest footage in existence. You are truly a beast.

I have a question for you… How well does that glove work on your throw hand? I was thinking about getting one but I only see people using it on their off hand. The only pain I get is on my throw hand index, so I would wear it like you do.

PS: Nujabes FTW


Well the ONLY reason I was using it on my throw hand is because I had been doing just too much looping with my right hand. The looping wore a groove in my finger pretty bad so it was only to make it so that I could actually throw without pain.

My pointer finger has grooves from regular 1A yoyoing because of the friction and from my combo that I allways do but I allways prefer to put the glove on my non throw hand. When I first got a yoyo glove I did put it on my throw hand but it’s just better on your non TH.

Also, very glad you like the video that much.

(Alex Fairhurst) #13

Very good!

Especially so when taking into consideration that the yoyo is responsive.


Thanks, and it did make the double suicide pretty difficult being so responsive and the fact that I really only tried it for that video. Hope to see you at another contest soon as well. I will be going to SER.


Okay, so on a scale of one to ten, one being a toddler with a 2 dollar grocery store yoyo, and ten being like awesome on par with a three headed mountain goat that breaths fire, you are like 20000000000. Great job man!

(Alex Fairhurst) #16

I’m not sure if I’ll hit up any more contests this year. Maybe, GA states. But if I do go I probably won’t compete.


Leave it to Slade to get epic eith a butterfly lmao XD

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