Butterfly XT exploded

i tried to fix my butterfly xt this morning with plastic cement, and after i let it dry for 3 hour i threw it, it worked well, until it didn’t, thankfuly the chunk didn’t hit my face while i was holding it right in front of my face


So this is a yoyo you had repaired, then when you used it after that it came apart? How did it break in the first place? What kind of glue did you use to repair it?

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i threw it when i was a kid trying to remove the caps to use it on my freehand, it worked on one side but when i tried to remove the other side by throwing it again it broke into pieces, i can’t unscrew the yoyo because the nut seat on the body is stripped, but i just found this thing on my cupboard yesterday and to my surprise the bearing still spins even though it’s been corroded to oblivion, so i just try to glue the piece together on the nut, the “glue” is a plastic cement, it works by chemically melts the plastic and basically welds the pieces together, it’s not strong enough though, it doesn’t fix the plastic to it’s original strength instead it just make the plastic attached BUT with a whole big crack, a cracked yoyo will eventually be broken