Butterfly knot

There is a kno on my new butterfly (the only fixed axle i have that i got today) so i cut off the string and tried to gett the knot off, but it didnt work. What should i do to get the knot off?

I pick knots out with a safety pin.

The string will do whatever you want, right? Since your the king? Can you just order it to unknot?

Is there a way to take apart a butterfly and then put it back together?

Just use a safety pin, toothpick, unwound paperclip, or basically anything that is relatively sharp, and will fit in the gap, to pick out the knot. It’s very easy.

With a hammer?

I prefer reasoning (with a paper clip).
I feel it’s much nicer to the string than ordering it around all the time, though that is sometimes necessary. :wink:

Thanks guys but the knot is really complicated and tight. I think that my only bet is to cut it.

Ok giys problem resolved. Well kinda. I cut the string out but in the process i scratched up the axle pretty bad. I put on a new string, played with it for a few minutes then it broke, so i got a second and that one broke too. Oh well I’ll just get another one at CVS or A&P

I recommend a bobby pin. If you’ve got any ladies living with you, I’m sure there are some lying around. It’s a great shape for picking knots, and oftentimes the tip is coated in some sort of rubber, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your yoyos (if you ever need to use it on a metal throw). Hope this helps for next time! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. I do have many “ladies” living with me. 5 to be exact. If you count my 8 month old little sister. Anyway, none of them do anything with their hair. Ever. I could easily go get some at a store though. And I also work (intern) at a youth theatre, so there are lots of them there.

You can probably smooth it out a bit. Take a piece of string about 2 ft long. Wrap it around the axle a couple of times, leaving both ends long enough to grab firmly. Pull the string back and forth a few times over the rough spots.

To smooth out the axle, you can pry it apart and sand the axle. Or, you could replace it with a 1/4 inch wooden dowel.

DON’T take apart a Butterfly. I’ve done it before, and it was rather hard to put back together.

What? I pry mine apart all the time. What exactly did you find difficult about putting it back together?

You scraped the axle making it sharp which cuts string…

Just superglue it back. Easy. I do it all the time with a wooden yoyo and a few times with a Butterfly.