Burnt Toast Yoyo Trick

Here is an original trick that i decided to make a video for. I tried to mimic the CLYW cabin tutorials recording style, but don’t expect anything, lol, it is horrible recording, but I thought why not share it?

Looks like a very cool trick, but I just hate cabin tutorials because they are hard for me to follow. Nothing against your video but the style isn’t for me. I know many people are able to learn well from them though .

Yeah, in the beginning I meant for it to be a tutorial, but I just ended up making it a trick video.

It does look like an awesome trick…maybe you could do a tut for it sometime. I’d really like to learn it.

I agree with everyone above.
I would love to learn this trick! You Should totally make an explaining tutorial for it :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, your hair seems to block the view of the string at some points

How do you do that whip to get into a 1&1/2 mount from a trapeze? Please respond. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to make a tutorial when I get home!