Bulk plutonium string

where can you buy plutonium in bulk? I’ve seen a picture on this site, but I don’t know from whom the purchase was made…

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You can buy 50 of them here at YoYoExpert


great. thankx twitch… now that I got the answer how do I delete this useless thread?


No need to! Now if someone is searching for bulk Plutonium, they’ll get sent here for their answer!


Tried the search didn’t get link to a page with Plutonium on it…

What’s to search for? The link to the product is given directly above.


Ah yeah. I was only investigating to see if the search turned up the product. Yes I found the product on on the site, I was just curious to see if the search worked.

Is the regular evan nagao string longer then the ann connoly signature series?

I"m not too tech savvy. I can get to the page for the strings, so I guess this is irrelevant, but I didn’t see a link in @quinton 's post


Correct. The link is in twitch77’s post above it…

Right… You just have to search for plutonium and it gives you all the options.

Ann Connolly signature colors are the same length as any other color of the same string type.

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Does plutonium come in a longer size?

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Not without breaking down some walls.


I got this string. I think it came with a wedge, but I’m not 100% sure. It was very much like a wire and it only lasted a couple of hours before deteriorating. Does anyone know what kind of string this is?

Moderator feel free to move this post to the right spot… (sorry :unamused:)

This thread has served it’s purpose. How am I supposed to delete it when it’s done?

Just leave it up. So if somebody else is wondering about it, they can search the forum and get an answer. That’s what i was saying in my first post.

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Ordinary mortals can’t delete a topic. Topics are very rarely deleted from forums. It’s the nature of the beast.


I can’t get enough of your avatar, and the fact that you help run things…

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