Buffing out dings?

So I have some sharp gashes in my wrath. I want to get rid of them because they hurt my hand.
How might I buff them out? I REALLY don’t want to get rid of any of the anno.

Gashes? You’d have to sand them down. FAR. It’s going to screw up your ano, to say the least… Ever see Steve Brown’s 401k?

Nail file (Metal one). A micro file set would be better (I have one), but a nail file is fine.

I had to smooth out a gash on my DM2 luckily there was no anno to affect (although maybe if there was it wouldn’t have gotten a gash to start with). I ca’t remember which attatchment I used on my dremel but it was a fairly gentle one, then I used one of the flappy fabric polishing wheels and now it just looks like a small ding instead of a massive sharp burr, I just didn’t want to take of too much material and cause myself a tonne of vibe.

I think the anno will get damaged.

Good luck not damaging the ano! With a small enough file, you should be able to localize the sanding, though. You could mask it off with some painter’s tape or somesuch… you WILL eventually wear through the tape as well, but it’s a buffer at least.

In the past, I have used steel wool and just worked at the affected area until it wasn’t sharp. Haven’t even made sure that it’s “level” with the rest of the rims, just took the ouchiness away.

I could tell you but then I’d have to … you.