Best grit to smooth burrs?

What grit of sandpaper or emery cloth should I use to smooth out all these burrs that have been cutting my hands recently(because I’ve been “shredding”[-spencer berry] too hard)

I don’t intend to polish the metal at all just get it somewhat smooth.

i have gotten dings out by using 400 grit, but that was with the yoyo spinning on a lathe. if youre doing it by hand, you will probably want something LOWER than that, around 200 maybe. note that if you sand a yoyo, you will be removing the top layer, and thus the anodization will rub off, leaving you with a raw aluminum color.

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I’d start with 400 and see how that goes. It it’s a very deep gouge and you just want to smooth out the burr, you could also try using a nail file very gently as well. Sometimes a metal nail file or even emery board nail file will give you a little more control vs. sandpaper.


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Glass beads propelled by compressed air.

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Great choice assuming one has access to a blasting setup and has the knowledge to operate one. Should note, however that blasting is only a good option if you’re committed to doing the whole YoYo.

Not a good choice for small, local repairs.


Unfortunately both my uncle and my buddy’s machine shops don’t have a blasting setup.

Thanks for all the help guys ! I’ll probably end up using some 400 grit for now.

Nail file can be more accurate in flattening sharp dings… sandpapers can scratch unwanted places if you are not super careful.

I have an Avon nail file with a Penguin on it I’ve been using to file burrs since high school. Definitely worth the like, 75¢ I paid for it. Definitely pick something similar up and toss it in your yoyo drawer/case/closet/whatever.
Its not even metal, it seems to be a dense foam, but its held up.

Haha a penguin, have you used it on a puffin? Hehahahe