Buddy Jim ~Approved x3

Hey everyone,

Buddy Jim is fantastic to trade with. He is understanding and an efficient communicator. There is no misunderstanding with him. I want to trade with him again soon. He is just pure awesome. His strings are amazing!!! u should totally get some. They are fantastic!!!

His strings here VVV

(they are awesome :))

~Johnny Approved

Buddy Jim is an excellent trader/buyer/ all around great guy that i just had to deal with him again!!!
Can not wait for the next deal i have with him!!! super legit person. i even got some epic maximum string.

you need to get some of his string. u can buy them here on his thread :slight_smile:

Buddy Jim= epicness

~Johnny Approved x2

Oh Buddy Jim, How can i start to tell you how amazing he is when u try to deal with him. He’s super easy to deal with and i never have any problems. It’s awesome that i have the honor to deal with him.

Johnny Approved x3