Buddha's Suicide

I made this trick up I would make a video if I had a camera.
I know Its distastefull to present a trick like this but I really wanted to see what you guys think.

-1.5 mount
-roll over like B’s Revege
-stick your thumb into the loop with your TH index
-roll back into a 1.5 but drop your NTH index
-from this mount thingy you want to roll counterclockwise kind of like the first roll
-when the yoyo is at 12 o’clock spread your TH thumb and index
-at 10 o’clock pull your TH fingers out of the loop you made
-let the loop fly a little
-catch the loop with your NTH index in a trapeze

This is pretty tricky it took me bout 3 weeks to get it down after I thought of it.

Tell me what you think.

I need to understand it a bit better.

So, when it flies, are there two loops because of the thumb + index, or are they combined?

I think one because you’re landing in a trapeze. I also don’t think putting your thumb in it does anything.

Yes there is only one loop, and putting your thumb in so you can spread your fingers to get the loop a bit bigger makes it a little easier to catch

So its somewhat the same as this?
The first one

Darn it, yup thats it

i thought i invented it :frowning: